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Choosing a Niche: Types of Freelancing Jobs Available

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By definition, a freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services to one or multiple clients at a time. A freelancer is more or less the same as an independent contractor. Both of them can work according to their schedule, as long as the assigned work is completed before a set deadline. Some people think that freelancing does not pay as well as a white-collar job. Quite the contrary; many freelancers report higher earnings than a vast majority of employed individuals. Because freelancing is so flexible, one can work on as many projects as possible, depending on one’s schedule. A freelancer is also able to choose which jobs to work on and which jobs to pass up. They also decide whether to work on a full-time or a part-time basis. 

About Freelancing

According to the Freelancers Union Survey, 2015, approximately 34% of the United States workforce is doing freelance work. This goes to show that over the past couple of years, freelancing jobs have increased in demand. This study also went on to explain that given a chance, 80% of non-freelancers would be more than willing to take up freelancing duties outside their primary job to make some extra bucks on the side. The main reason why more and more people are opting to become freelancers is the schedule flexibility and higher earning potential. Thanks to our technologically advanced era, it is relatively easy to find freelancing work nowadays. Compared to previous years, freelancing has increased from 15% to a whopping 34% in just three years.

Types of Freelancing Jobs

The Internet has become a massive part of our day-to-day activities. From shopping, buying groceries, keeping in touch with friends and family, keeping up-to-date with news, and much more; it is unquestionable just how much we rely on it. When it comes to making a living online, it is no different. It is awash with opportunities that enable you to make money and build a career from the comfort of your home. How cool is that! Freelancing is not synonymous with working online; rather working online is one of the benefits of several freelancing jobs. Some freelancing jobs require your physical presence. Granted, the majority of freelancing jobs do not. Let us take a look at some of the ways you can make money both online and offline as a freelancer.

1. Administrative and Secretaries

  • Personal Assistant 
This is a person who helps organize the day-to-day business (or in some cases, personal) activities of another person. A freelance PA is a highly trained secretary who will assist with scheduling meetings and time management. A freelance PA will run errands’, maintain the office system, screen phone calls, organize your diary, etc. Their main duty is to undertake the role of an administrator. This helps free up the executive’s time to focus on strategic tasks of the business. However, a personal assistant’s role is pervasive and can include specific research and project management. Some PAs perform their duties from remote locations while others run simple day-to-day personal errands. 
  • Virtual Assistants
Freelance virtual assistants are individuals a client can work together with to get projects completed. A client hunts around for specialists with the required background and experience. Once identified, the virtual assistant’s role is to keep the client’s work on track. The client and freelancer then have an in-depth and detailed chat where the milestones are laid out, and tasks are defined. The virtual assistant keeps the tasks organized and ensures that the project is completed on time.
  • Customer Service
Customer service is an essential entity for any business to invest in. Every firm needs to ensure that they have professionals ready to offer support to the customers. From answering questions about the service or product, providing guidance and tutorials to a user, or providing training, a customer service agent should offer the type of human interaction needed to appeal to the clients. The representative should have the necessary industry experience to provide the service to clients and help improve the business.
  • Chat Support
A chat support consultant is someone who offers assistance to a website visitor via chat text. The interaction between the freelance representative and the customer is done through an online text session which is activated by clicking on a window on the website. A freelance chat support representative can understand the query, resolve the issue, and close the connection afterward. This method is less intrusive than phone calls, and a representative can offer chat support at home or from a remote location.
  • Email Support 
Email support plays a vital role in online customer relationship management. This method is used in place of phone calls or physical visits. Both the client and the email support freelancer do not have to be online at the same time for communication to flow. The primary purpose of this type of service is to resolve any queries a client might have related to a specific product/service as efficiently as possible. Email support enables various support team members to answer a question on the same message thread. This service allows companies to provide expert support from remote locations and improve service delivery from anywhere in the world.
  • Quality Assurance
A freelance quality assurance manager works with other staff members to assess customer requirements and set customer service standards. The expert also has the skills to specify quality requirements and investigate the standards for quality and safety. This individual is also responsible for writing management and technical reports and customer charters, determining training needs, directing objectives to maximize a company’s profitability, and monitoring performance. 
  • Data Entry
Data entry refers to the art of entering various types of information into a specified database as requested by an individual, employer, or company. The data might differ depending on the client with some examples including names, statistics, website links, addresses, survey results, etc. A freelance data entry expert utilizes their administrative skills to dictate various types of information in databases, documents, files, and other digital spaces. This professional should be fast and efficient while being accurate. As a data entry professional, you will need to have an impressive wpm (words per minute) typing speed. This skill helps the company save time and increase productivity, thanks to organized data for all projects.
  • Transcribing
Transcription is the art of listening to an audio or video and converting the content into text format. An expert scribe can work from files pulled from MP3, videos, or live sources. Clients have different requirements when it comes to how the media is transcribed. Some prefer to maintain a speaker’s voice by implementing fillers, pauses, and other linguistic proclivities while others prefer simple transcription that merely jots down the conversation. Common forms of transcribing are subtitles.
  • Ad Posting
Ad posting refers to the process of posting job ads, product and service adverts, and personal advertisements on a variety of channels such as online forums, websites, magazines, and social media platforms. Many companies opt to outsource this service to experts because it alleviates having to learn the process and the terms and conditions laid out by different platforms. An ad posting professional understands the rules and regulations as well as the formatting required for different tenets. The representative will ensure that the ad runs without any hiccups on as many outlets as a client needs.
  • eBay Listing Professionals
eBay listing is an advertisement platform that describes the product/service, the advertiser’s contact information, and the payment methods. The listing also explains how the advertiser plans to deliver a product/service. This platform allows potential buyers to view the listing and place their bids. From here, the advertiser decides on the highest bidder to sell to. Individuals and companies can employ a freelancer for eBay listing. This representative is in charge of putting up the advert, monitoring progress, assessing the highest bidder, and choosing a viable option for the delivery location. eBay listing offers multiple benefits to companies including increased sales, improved product awareness, and increased turnover.
  • Product Listing Agents 
Not to be confused with an eBay listing, product listing refers to jotting down all the information regarding a particular product in a catalog or document form. The listing has an overview of all the good’s information including the product names, numbers, prices, sales history, the amount of stock, etc. A freelance product listing agent needs to have the skills to provide all the required information for all the products available. This service comes in handy for larger companies as customers do not have to reach out to inquire about a product when there is an easily accessible list. This list has to be regularly updated to reflect any changes in cost, stock, etc.
  • Internet Researcher 
Internet research is a method of locating information across the World Wide Web. Skilled freelancers can hunt down contact information for a variety of potential customers or help build a clientele. These experts have a refined understanding of how the internet identifies what you are searching for and know how to use keywords and other engine-optimizing methods to yield impressive results. An internet researcher helps increase a company’s Google search priorities and their website traffic.
  • Web Data Extraction
Also known as web scraping or web harvesting, this is the process of gathering data from the internet and extracting it for later use. Web harvester freelancers need to be attuned to the techniques used to scrape data from sites including HTTP programming, HTML parsing, copy-and-paste, and vertical aggregation. This service comes in handy and is becoming increasingly popular with companies who want to stay ahead of their competitors through market research and lead generation.
  • PDF Conversion Freelancer
PDF, also known as Adobe Portable Document Format, is a file format that is utilized across multiple platforms and is universally accessible. PDFs are critical in every business for transferring files to different computers using different software. PDFs are fillable documents that are compatible regardless of hardware, software, or the operating system. Converting data to various processes can result in data loss or the format getting scrambled in translation. A professional PDF conversion expert can develop and design an intricate PDF file or convert the existing files to PDF to ensure that anyone gaining data from a particular company receives the same formatting.
  • Payroll Professional 
Startups, small businesses, and employers who work via the Internet can opt to hire a payroll expert to help record salaries, wages, tax deductions, and bonuses. Freelance payroll assistants will keep up with the rules and regulation changes and implement them accordingly. These professionals will also keep a record of employee work and hours and even file tax returns for a company.
  • Presentation Designers
A freelance presentation specialist is responsible for creating informative, persuasive, and organizing audio and/or visual displays to suit a company’s business strategy. Whether a company is planning to launch a new product or introduce a new offering, a quality presentation is required to persuade stakeholders. Presentations help increase revenue and build professional connections. Freelance experts will design professional presentations and demonstrations as per the business’s requirements.
  • PowerPoint Professional 
PowerPoint is a slideshow software program that represents digital images and text that are backed by a verbal presentation. A freelance expert will be responsible for putting together the material needed by the client in a polished and professional manner. They will employ visual aids that will back your speech or soundtrack, and add any animations, logos, etc. The specialist will also be able to format the slides so that they can be printed to create a photo album or turned into handouts in meetings.

2. Sales and Marketing Experts

  • Cold Calling
Cold calling is making contact with a potential client and attempting to sell a particular product/ service without any physical contact. This method helps provide companies with the opportunity to connect with prospects who have not heard of your services before. The telemarketer is responsible for selling services using a contained database and script to provide valuable information relating to features, prices, and benefits.
  • Email Marketing
Email marketing has proven to be one of the most efficient ways for a small business to alert potential clients of their services/products. This method of marketing enables users to share their content and build relationships with their customers – existing and potential as well. An email marketing tool has the capabilities of effectively managing your lists, connecting with your clients, and keeping tabs on your campaigns. Email marketing services will help create your brand’s awareness and loyalty. Email marketing is all about communicating with customers in a humanized manner and using targeted content to deliver your message. 
  • Facebook Advertising
Facebook has become an excellent platform for businesses to market their products to a global audience. This platform allows you to maximize your reach, get to know your audience, and stay current with the industry’s needs. A freelancer with superior knowledge can work wonders for your brand. The expert will expand your brand, run campaigns, and ensure that your brand is current with client demands. They will also post regularly and respond to any queries.
  • Google Analytics
Google Analytics helps track and report website traffic. It provides statistics and necessary tools for SEO and marketing purposes. If you are looking for ways to review your online campaigns, then hiring a freelancer to track landing page traffic using Google Analytics is what you need. This platform will allow an expert to keep track of your conversion goals, rates, and track sales.
  • Lead Generation Experts
Lead generation is used to initiate customer interest in a service, business, or association. These leads are created through various media platforms such as the Internet, through telemarketing, or personal referrals. A lead generation specialist directs users to your store or website and then introduces them to the appropriate goods/services. Using this form of selling keeps a business relevant, as an essential tool in this highly competitive market.
  • Social Media Management
Social media managers are the voice of companies on social and digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. This individual creates and maintains new marketing campaigns and offers brand promotion for a company on different sites. They also monitor progress using web analytic tools and answer any queries posted on social media. This person is continuously generating content for the company, creating new campaigns and ideas, and measuring how effective they are. A social media manager works in conjunction with other creatives in a business such as marketing, public relations, legal, etc. to coordinate campaigns and come up with content that is trending and informative.
  • Blog Management
This refers to controlling all activities associated with a blog. A blog manager is responsible for increasing website traffic through content placed on a blog. The freelancer will manage the blog domain, set up a blog or website, and create and manage blog content, social interactions, and social linking. The expert is also responsible for developing strategies to generate blog traffic as well as determining and arranging topics on the blog, posting scheduled blog content, analyzing blog traffic results, etc. They are also responsible for updating old posts and using keywords to rank higher in SERPs and keyword research.
  • SEO Expert
Search Engine Optimization is used to drive traffic to a website. An SEO expert can help garnish traffic to a site with on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO primarily focuses on the actual content of a website while off-page focuses on including popular keywords in your site’s links and ads that exist off-site. Your website’s popularity will be boosted by using skilled SEO writers.

3. Writers

  • Book Writing
Book writing refers to the compilation of text in a specified format. An author will write a book once they have sufficient knowledge of the subject matter. They need to conduct research relevant to the plot of the story. Some genres include comedy, thriller, romance, satire, drama, biographies, and science fiction.
  • Content Writing
A content writer creates the type of content a client needs to ensure that the landing page, blog articles, or e-commerce websites engage the intended audience quickly. The expert makes sure that the content is appealing to social media and involves SEO keywords. They help personalize and customize a web presence by generating leads for the use of a product or directing traffic to a website. A professional writer can also help integrate PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, Google AdWords, or e-mail marketing into the everyday function of your site.
  • Article Writing
Articles are used to bring content and substance to books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, and more. An article writer will have the experience and expertise for different audiences on different forms of publications. A freelance article writer will create the content a client needs for their specific niche. Whatever niche you need, you can find a writer to create content from scratch or follow set guidelines.
  • Blog Writing
A blog poster has multiple experiences writing for different audiences or may specialize in one particular subject such as parenting, health, gardening, cars, etc. A blog is a digital written publication that can focus on one or multiple topics. An expert blogger can customize and personalize content for any website using informative and consistent up-to-date data.
  • Copywriting
A copywriter is a professional writer who focuses on creating promotional content for a product/service. Copywriting is primarily focused on advertising and is meant to persuade the reader to use a particular item. Copywriting can be used on flyers, brochures, or the landing pages of a website. A freelance copywriter utilizes SEO skills to promote more traffic to a site. They also use specific writing style, tone, and word count that will appeal to all users.
  • Ghostwriting
Ghostwriting refers to the form of writing content on behalf of another person without taking any credit for the work. This person creates written pieces without disclosing that they indeed wrote that article. Ghostwriters possess the experience needed to develop content that captivates the audience. They can be used for any written work such as children’s books, blog posts, eBooks, books, etc.
  • Content Management
A content manager creates, manages, and sustains the digital content on a website. The expert controls the keywords, tone, formats, and types of data displayed on the internet by utilizing content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. This individual takes control of the content and provides consistent updates. They are also adept with the scripting language such as HTML as well as web designing. Simply put, a content manager will maintain a company’s internet presence while focusing primarily on the products.
  • Editing and Proofreading
Freelance editors cover a wide range of content. From academic writing to the rewriting of online content, an editor will give a fresh spin and perspective to any content. This individual will proofread, rewrite, and provide revisions for blog posts, articles, essays, and other forms of written material.
  • Publisher
A publisher is someone who oversees the selection and production of books. This person is also responsible for marketing and distributing the book. Some people prefer to publish a book on their own while others use big publishing houses. A freelance publisher provides skills performed by a blogger, an advertising photographer, a technical author, an editor, and a copy editor.  
  • Translator
Translators specialize in all different language translations. The most widespread is English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and German. Translators’ skills vary in their capabilities to translate from one language to another. A translator will listen to a file or read a document that is set in another language and proceed to translate it into the desired language. An expert freelance translator knows how to overcome the language barrier to ensure that the content flows smoothly and is as grammatically correct as the original piece.

4. Designers and Artists

  • 3D Design Experts
3D design includes 3D modeling, 3D printing, 3D logo design, 3D rendering, among others. Freelance 3D designers are responsible for designing and creating a visual concept. The specialist has to be adept at computer software such as Maya8, Mental Ray, and Adobe CS3 Photoshop. The creators should be able to easily navigate through multiple designing simulators such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe CS3 Illustrator, After Effects, etc.
  • 3D Modeling
Individuals have to sign up depending on their skills to create a three-dimensional representation of an object. Scientific art is crafted through scanning. 3D models are used in various industries such as the movie industry, the medical field, the science, and architecture industries, and the engineering trade. Depending on the niche a company needs, favorite 3D specialists use modeling software including Sketchup, Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max, etc. The freelancer has to be creative and technologically savvy to manipulate the models to suit the client’s needs.
  • Animation Freelancers
Animation brings still motion pictures and illusions to 2D or 3D graphics. An animator specialist can create images out of digital form using software technology or by utilizing physical illustrations on paper. Freelance animation work is used in TV, films, website displays, commercials, and so much more. A freelancer can employ software such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Blender, etc. to bring a company’s vision alive with movement.
  • Artists
From painters, musicians, and poets to actors, an artist is a person who engages in appealing activities to create, practice, or demonstrate art. Visionaries with out-of-the-box thinking make the best artists.
  • Character Designers
Character designing is the practice of taking a given form and giving life to it whether in a drawing, 3D rendering, or something else. The persona can be derived from a real or imaginative person. This character is born out of an idea and welded into sketches and later physical forms to fit the description of the inventor. A freelance character designer can understand the requirements and build a physical structure that comprises unique movements and eye-catching designs to resonate with the targeted audience.
  • Digital Artists
Unlike character designing, digital art makes use of digital technology as the primary way to create artistic work. Digital freelancers are now being used to change the way paintings, music compositions, drawings, and sculptures are being done. A specialist in this field can generate artistic work using a computer or a tablet. Digital artists are now used to create special effects on videos and films including computer games, commercials, movies, and music videos. As a freelance artist, you need to be able to bring to life any digital canvas presented to you.
  • Graphics Design
A graphic designer brings individual ideas into works of art. They combine text and creativity to help companies expand their businesses, or enable individuals to create brand awareness through the use of graphic designing. Graphic designers can be used for the creation of logos, brochures, advertisements, magazine designs, etc. As a freelance designer, you should have the skills necessary to create Facebook banner ads, create original Twitter icons, and brand identity packages, create online business cards, and so much more.
  • Interior Design
Interior designing uses a combination of science and art to enhance the inside look of a structure or building. A freelance designer is responsible for taking care of conceptual development, space planning, site inspection, and communicating with stakeholders of décor and production. They will choose the materials, furniture, lighting, and any other elements needed to make a space beautiful.
  • Logo Designers
A logo is a text, image, art, or a combination of all that depicts a company’s identity. A freelance logo designer can translate a visualization of a company’s status into a recognizable symbol. The logo should be polished, professional, and cohesive with the company’s products/services. The specialist needs to have the expertise to manipulate the software and design something that can be shaped in proportion and size for all different types of products.
  • Photoshop Experts
Photoshop is used for image cropping, resizing, colorization, and so much more. A freelance Photoshop pro should have the know-how to manipulate the software to do more than just editing. They need to have the skills for graphics designing, web designing, interior space designing, etc. From editing old-school photos to manipulating images to scale, a freelance Photoshop expert should be able to bring anything to life.
  • Photography
A picture says a thousand words. There is no better way to capture and share meaningful memories than by hiring professional freelance photographers. A qualified photographer can capture beautiful images based on lighting and other electromagnetic components. Seeking the services of professional shooters allows you to sit back and enjoy your day without having to worry about not taking enough photos, snapping low-quality images, etc. A freelance photographer is also able to edit pictures to deliver an exceptional end product. The images can be of people, landscapes, places, food, and just about everything else in between.
  • T-Shirt Designers
T-shirts are worn by all – men, women, and children alike. T-shirt designers add art to the surface of the garment. These designs usually consist of wording, images, numbers, and personalized images. A freelance designer can work in conjunction with creative directors and merchandisers to fabricate the needed graphics. An expert should hone skills extended to graphic designing, typography, as well as print for proper presentation.
  • Video Editors
Video editors remove unwanted content from a film and assemble the film in the order it is meant to be viewed. This process is done using computer software. The expert has the know-how to ensure that a video is compatible with various platforms. He/she is also able to add special effects, musical intervals, and sound bites.

5. Programmers

  • App Development
This is the process of creating software for mobile devices, computers, business environments, enterprises, and so much more. Freelance app developers use Java code on Androids and C and C+ on iOS mobile apps. The expert will turn your idea into a reality through masterful coding.
  • Android Experts
Android is the operating system used on various phones and tablets such as Galaxy and Sony mobile phones. A freelancer will be able to develop and utilize this interface. They will also be able to choose widgets, interface design, functionality, and so much more. These experts will use the interface to amplify the experience that Android offers.
  • iOS Expert
iOS is the operating system that powers Apple products such as iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPads. An iOS developer will have expertise and experience in various programming languages including Objective-C and Swift. They will also have the skills to use Xcode to create a framework for iOS games and applications.
  • Web Design
This process focuses on planning, theorizing, and constructing various digital files that will dictate the color, layout, text, images, graphics, and many other elements of any website. A freelance designer will use a wide array of different programs and software such as CMS (content management systems) and Adobe Creative Suite to personalize your website layouts.
  • Web Developer
This term is used to describe activities and tasks involved in the development of a website. The functions of a web developer range from the simple creation of plain text to the implementation of elaborate internet applications, markups, and coding via programming languages including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A freelance developer can build a website from scratch and piece it together on an interactive website display.
  • HTML Experts
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a program code used by web developers when creating a website. This code is of great importance as it helps to communicate with the web browser in use. It instructs the browser how to display web content for the user. A freelance HTML developer will ensure that your website designs and company images are integrated appropriately into whichever browser a client chooses to use.
  • WordPress Development
WordPress is a blogging tool that can be used with different plugins to create other types of websites for individuals, businesses, and e-commerce stores. This content management system tool uses coding software such as PHP/ MySQL. WP developers understand both the front end and the back end of this platform. They are experts in CSS< HTML5, JavaScript, and PHP – these are software they use for plugin development and incredible theme creation.

6. Business 

  • Accounting
A freelance accountant works with the owner of a small business to measure the company’s financial information and economic entities. Accounting plays a significant role in every company’s day-to-day business activities. Anyone who wishes to monitor their financial activities for daily operations, creditors, regulators, or possible investors needs to hire a skilled accountant. There are subcategories of accounting such as financial accounting, tax accounting, and management accounting. Freelance accountants hold different certifications and knowledge to help various businesses tackle their tax law or economic issues.
  • Business Plan
A business plan is a formal document that details a company’s goals, why the goals are attainable, and ways to achieve the said goals. This document displays in-depth information about the company’s past and future including the company’s history, financial analysis, market analysis, projections, strategic plans, etc. A business planning freelancer will be able to help a firm attract the right investors for financial gain and other resources.
  • Consultants
Business consultants are individuals you hire to come into your company and provide expert-level advice that is tailor-made to solve your brand’s problems. These individuals help a company brand, rebrand, expand, launch a new product or service, manage the workflow, etc. Simply put, any problem that a business might be facing can be dealt with by a skilled consultant. If a company is stuck or stagnant, a business consultant can be called in to advise on the next course of action.
  • Management Consultant
A freelance management consultant provides support and advice to organizations to improve the firm’s overall performance. As a management consultant, you will be required to analyze existing problems within the company and develop plans aimed at making improvements. You will be required to assist with the management change, coaching skills, strategy development, and growth of the overall operation. A freelance consultant will provide an honest advisory service.
  • Project Management
A freelance project manager is hired to focus on a specific task that needs to be completed within a deadline. This expert is retained during the duration of a project’s lifespan until it reaches consistent success. The individual will be required to plan, launch, and consult during the progress. They will also be needed to find areas in need of improvement as well as train members on how the project works and what actions to take whenever they hit a snag.
  • CRM Experts
Customer relationship management (CRM) is the technology of managing your company’s relationship with customers through the use of strategic tools. A freelance CRM expert uses different tools to analyze a client’s data throughout the lifecycle of their relationship with the company. A CRM specialist uses specialized tools to store a client’s information as well as all contact between the firm and client including live chat, email, direct mail, social media, etc. This expert works together with the marketing and sales department to identify any customer support issues and resolve them accordingly.
  • Financial Forecasters
Financial forecasting refers to an in-depth look at a company’s economic future. Businesses need to think ahead as this will enable them to invest smartly and budget plan accordingly. An expert forecaster can think ahead, look at a company’s finances, and predict where their money should be spent first before competitors catch the wind.
  • Financial Analyst
A financial analyst evaluates a company’s finances, not only the profits but also the cash flow statements, income statements, and balance sheets to identify a company’s financial success. A business analyst can highlight a firm’s correlation between their profits and spending and where they are bleeding money or making the most money. From here, a business can identify room for growth and identify its strengths as well.
  • Training Experts
A freelance business trainer helps improve employees’ (new or old) knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to push them to the next level. Everyone needs to always be up-to-date with the changes in the business world and hiring a freelance business trainer will help the employees build their confidence and increase self-esteem. From a business perspective, there will be improved consistency, increased productivity, and efficiency. Workers’ satisfaction reduces workers’ turnover and boosts their morale. This results in the company’s growth and development.
  • Reports Expert
Reports are documents that contain all the information gathered over some time. The data varies and can be based on functionality, observation, consumer data, etc. These detailed reports help companies discover trends that might have been contributing to their success or holding the firm back from attaining the set goals. Report writers are valuable assets to any business. An expert will categorize and keep track of all information on completed and pending projects.
  • International Business Experts
International business refers to all business activities that involve the transaction of goods or services beyond borders. An expert in this field should understand international trade, the rules and regulations of each business transaction, and the economic resources of the global marketplace.
  • Tax Attorney
Tax laws are the rules, policies, and regulations that oversee the tax charges on estates, transactions, properties, income, licenses, etc. by the government. A tax lawyer is someone who resolves financial or tax law issues for their client. When tax issues arise, a tax attorney is hired to help fix the problem. This person possesses strong knowledge of tax laws. The individual stays up-to-date with IRS regulations to counsel their clients on changes that might affect their accounts. A freelance tax attorney also keeps accurate records and develops plans to help resolve any financial issues that might affect their clients. A tax attorney must possess a bachelor’s degree and must have attended law school to qualify.
  • Paralegals
A paralegal is a person employed by a law office, government, or a lawyer. This person is responsible for taking care of many legal responsibilities which vary based on the jurisdiction that they are in. Paralegals research on behalf of the lawyers and attorneys. A paralegal also prepares legal documents and handles all administrative requirements that a legal system depends on. If you are searching for a professional to help with estate tax audits, an estate and probate paralegal can assist. A litigation paralegal will assist anyone looking for help with litigation. A freelance paralegal needs expert knowledge in their field to support and work with any company. Disclaimer: There are many more freelancer jobs available. The above are just popular examples of freelancing jobs.

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